Inmotion V14 Adventure 50S High Discharge Battery


Inmotion V14 Adventure 50S High Discharge Battery

Inmotion V14 Adventure Electric Unicycle With Upgraded Suspension and Motor

The Inmotion V14 Adventure is the best accelerating electric unicycle to date from Inmotion. Designed and optimised for off-roading, boasts a 9000 peak motor power, with a incline capability of 50 degrees.

This is the 50S battery configuration which is ideal for users that require more torque and acceleration which puts more stress on the battery. With the 50S battery option riders can tap into the true and rawest form of the inmotion V14.

  • Double suspensions system (suspension sliders on the sides and coil suspension on the rear).
  • The tire tread is designed for good traction on loose surfaces, such as sand, gravel, and dirt.
  • Raptor controller, like the V13 with  42 Mofsets and 18 capacitors providing over 40% voltage margin and supporting a continuous current output of up to 450A, which ensures long-lasting and stable high power performance.
  • 4000W (Rated) – 9000W (Peak) motor power.
  • 850N Motor Torque.
  • A top speed of 110km/h** when the wheel spins freely (less with a rider, the top speed will depend on the rider’s body weight)
  • Powerful headlight.
  • 0%-80% charge in 1 Hour

**Estimated delivery 2 weeks from order

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Quick Specs

No Load Speed

68 MPH

Full Charge Time

1.5 Hours

Max Range

60 Miles

Max Load

140 KG


39 KG


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