e-RIDES Veteran LYNX and Patton Electric Unicycle Pedals

$253.00 - $265.00

e-RIDES Veteran LYNX and Patton Electric Unicycle Pedals

This is the e-RIDES Honeycomb removable spikes pedals, specifically for the Veteran Lynx and Patton electric unicycles.  The pedals are made out of the same alloy material used by Apple for iphones.  They are CNC cut, and come with adjustable incline with heel and toe lifts (risers).


  • Angle Incline adjustment
  • Comes with front and back lifts, for better acceleration and braking assist (Yellow toe and heel lifts now come for free )
  • Come with stainless screws
  • Frosted treated finish for more scratch resistance, and additional grip(standard for Noir)
  • Additional tools for installation
  • Removable Spikes



  • Width : 12.2 cm
  • Length : 29.2 cm


  • Width : 11.1cm
  • Length : 26.7cm

Compatibility with Lynx And Patton:

  • The pedals are compatible with both the Lynx and Patton
  • The pedals comes with both the geared and friction pedal mechanisms included in the box.
  • Geared pedal mechanism only works with Patton
  • Both Friction and geared mechanism works with Lynx


We are constantly making improvements to the pedals, so the images here might not be the full representation of what you will receive.

This is a complete set of pedals. Individual components can also be purchased separately.  This pedals come standard with yellow Heel and Toe lifts.

The additional free heel and toe risers, if selected below, will be included in the box.

*To Add 1 Free Set of Additional Risers, Worth $19.99, You Must Tick The Box Below* And *Select A Color* 

**FREE Heel and Toe Risers colors are subject to availability

E Rides Veteran Lynx And Patton Pedals
This item: e-RIDES Veteran LYNX and Patton Electric Unicycle Pedals
$253.00 - $265.00
$253.00 - $265.00
Biggie Heel And Toe
1 × e-RIDES Pedal Heel and Toe Lifts Riser Colours - Veteran Lynx and Patton
Original price was: $19.99.Current price is: $0.00.
Veteran Lynx Pedal Lowering Kit Erides Edition (1)
1 × Veteran Lowering Kit Black - Lynx and Patton

Option 1 - NOIR BIGGIE

This is the big, 'NOIR BIGGIE' design, great if you are looking for comfort and grip, probably the best electric unicycle pedals on the market.

E Rides Veteran Lynx And Patton Pedals


This is the 'WOLVERINE TRAIL' design, slightly smaller and narrower than the 'BIGGIE' design, great for trail riding.

Patton Wolverine Trail Pedals E Rides

How to Install the e-RIDES Veteran Lynx pedal and Lowering Kit

How to installation Veteran Patton e-RIDES ‘Biggie’ pedal

The inside scoop on the e-RIDES Pedals


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