Begode Master V4


Begode Master V4 Electric Unicycle

This is the new and improved Begode Master v4. Comes with improved chassis, suspension and motherboard/control board.


  • 134V 2400Wh 50S Samsung battery
  • Upgrade Aluminum
  • Alloy Battery Case
  • 3500W Motor
  • Speed 60mp/h +

Comes with FREE e-RIDES Pedals worth over $265+

Ships in around 2 weeks. Price is inclusive of shipping. 

Begode Master V4
This item: Begode Master V4
Wolverine Pedals Top (2)
1 × e-RIDES Pedals Electric Unicycle Honeycomb Spiked Pedals – Wolverine, Ironman, Noir, Naked
Pedal Model
Electric Unicycle Model
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